The Bleed Whites

by The Bleed Whites

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released September 4, 2011

Bruce Lee – Guitar, vocals, mixing, artwork
Abe Lincoln – Bangs on shit
Winston Churchill – Bass



all rights reserved


The Bleed Whites Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Eat the Spurs
steel and skin like relatives
cease to hurt, eat the spurs
what a lovely mess it is
these confessionals, are a crutch
selfishly, help me sleep
pick at the wounds and drink the blood

could you show me any?
could you show me any?
could you show me any love?

eat the spurs
stir the words

teach me, how to speak
dancing grace, through my teeth
take my coat, it's freezing
hurry , hurry
oh my god, won't you take us away from here
i don't even know which way we're falling

great grey sky, swallow my blight
cease the rot, cut my knots
lend me some of your certainty
big blue sea, drown out my fleas
wash my hair, and sweeten my stare
lend me your charm now, would you please?
Track Name: Poison
what a pity you came back home empty handed
but i can't feel you when you're near oh baby

i will try and break you down, always
don't be shy girl, cause i hate me as much as you do

i won't pretend that
i can stay

you're so pretty girl
and your touch is poison

but i can't feel you when you're near
Track Name: Bone Marrow
i was tired
when i lost faith
expectations were the bars to our cage
let's take a trip
no matter where
and if i die
at least i tried

i was young
when i lost hope
in the machine all the gears crushed my bones
chew it up
spit it out
fear is heavy
im sinking down

the city's on fire
im burning up
i choke for air
but cough up blood
all i own soon ignites

summer smoke
midnight flight
Track Name: Just Tonight
across the room
you let your hair down

you say my name
but i've forgot it

the room is on fire
but i will burn

and just tonight
ill be what you want

just tonight
you'll give me what i need

i leave behind all i feel
understand that

everyday im lonely
i'm harbouring

every word you've said
under your breath
Track Name: Zoe
she comes from a broken home
the city is so cold

she's leaving home
she's leaving home

the first hit was just a joke
she's always with friends, but still alone

she's leaving home
she's leaving home
Track Name: Sunset Bound
i went out west one day
no reason to go
just couldnt stay
Im sunset bound baby
dont let it bring you down

grab your cigarettes
lets forget the rest
come and take my hand
and i'll be your man
we could walk all night

i know its just
a matter of time
until we forget
and feel alright

its so far now
and i cant wait

that night you caught my eye
bought me a drink
i fell in love
im so weird baby
let me freak you out

grab your cigarettes
let's forget the rest
come on and take my hand
and i'll be your man
we could walk all night

my heart is stupid
its stupid for you
Track Name: Patience
the thunder of the trains
the iron in the taste
the sunbaked hair on your face
the ghosts of where you once laid
the flush on your cheeks
leads me to believe
that you will be mine someday

i can't smell the waters that colour the spring
i don't feel the patience that held me in place

the blisters; salty and white
the patterns bloom in your eyes
the early birds take flight
the love is weak; let it die
the black in the sea
brings me to my knees
this boy is so weak inside, let him die
let him die

i can't find the daymoon that leads on the dark
i don't feel the patience that steadied my heart
i can't smell the waters that colour the spring
i don't feel the patience that held me in place
Track Name: Ember
i won't fake it
i need a
god to give life
to the lies i've told

and i felt it
when the sparks fled
down the wind and
into my throat

oh, hold the ember tight
don't let it die
oh hold it close
don't let it go

i found them
in the mouth of a dying lion
the only words
he spoke, i followed

the fire grows
break my cage
my body of coal
my mind awake
hold it close
don't let it go
Track Name: Silent Prayer
sometimes i see you falling
i'm losing ground but crawling
how could i know, how could i know
my mind races, my heart beats slow

i feel your hair, i touch your skin
my favourite lie, the one you tell
is we'll be together, in the end
i come undone, i come undone

it's a silent prayer

across the ocean, far away
maybe a new life, maybe i'll stay
i'm wasting time, i'm wasting time
in love with a ghost, it don't feel right

i couldnt find you inside
we never could get behind it
i never could understand
all in the end, in the end

it’s a silent prayer
Track Name: Caribou
you know you're lovely darling
i dont need to spell it out for you
you know that i need to take you home
straight from this bitter cold

cause i know
cause i know

tell me anything
i won't say you're wrong
i hold you in the night
it will be hard when youre gone

cause i know
cause i know

cover me deep
under the dirt and snow
will you bury me there
before you go

cause i know
it can't be too late